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2015 - 2016 School hours: 8:00am - 3:30pm
Tuesday - Friday only: Sept. 29 - June 2

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Mrs. Pravlik 3rd grade class video.


In the event that schools in the district would need to be closed due to weather or other circumstances, that decision will be made no later than 5:00 a.m.  Parents and staff will be notified by phone and it will be posted on the Weld RE-1 Website.  The following news media outlets will also be notified in the event of a school closure:

KUNC  FM 91.5,         KFKA AM 1310,         Channel 4 (CBS4/KCNC Denver)

Channel 7 (7 News KMGH),         Channel 9 (9News KUSA)

Channel 13(Fox 31), The Greeley Tribune

  • Delayed Start

    The decision to delay the start of a school day means that weather or other circumstances will not allow (or it is not safe) for the school day to start on time.

    As with school closures decisions the Superintendent will make the decision no later than 5 A.M. and communicate with parents and staff by 5:30 A.M. if circumstances allow.  In Weld RE-1:

  • School buildings will not open and classes will not start until approximately two hours later than usual. (For example, if the school bell normally rings at 8:05 a.m., then be prepared for school to start by 10:05 a.m.) Schools will dismiss at normal times.
  • There will be a minimum two hour delay for all transportation operations. (For example, if your bus normally picks you up at 6:44 a.m., plan to be ready for pickup at 8:44 a.m.) Transportation afternoon schedules will run at normal times.
  • All morning activities are canceled (including morning preschool or school breakfast).
  • Each individual school has developed a late start schedule.


 Platteville Elementary 4th Grade students visit the Colorado History Museum

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Platteville Elementary, in partnership with family and community, will provide a challenging education within a safe, caring environment for each student.




PlattevilleElementary is a school where family, community, and staff workcohesively to challenge students toward high measurable achievementin Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology,Citizenship, and the Arts.

Highexpectations (80% mastery or higher) are established clearly with thefull confidence that our students will achieve them. Expectedbehaviors and results are communicated clearly with the child.Rubrics and other standards based grading criteria are shared withchildren and their parents as road maps for success. Meanwhile,divergent methods that achieve desired results are praised andcelebrated. Students are strongly expected at school and at home todemonstrate their personal potential.

Ourschool is a safe, nurturing, and collaborative environment. Visitorsare encouraged but they must sign in at the front office when comingon campus. We work together to provide all resources such assupplies and technology within our means in order to reach studentsin their various learning styles. Many students are visual learners.Many are oral language learners. Many are written languagelearners. Many respond to music. Many respond to technology. Manystudents need material presented in a variety of ways. Our sharedresponsibility is doing whatever it takes to educate students fortheir highly technical and diverse future.

Thereare many unknowns in the future of our students. Problem solvingskills are required and enhanced through the Arts, Technology,Physical Education, and regular opportunities for students to findtheir own methods to solving problems in all curricular areas. Allsubjects are integrated. Art lessons support concepts in the regularclassroom while still expecting students to demonstrate the artstandards. The same goes for Music, Technology, and PhysicalEducation. Student strengths are discovered and nurtured in order toprepare the leaders and problem solvers of tomorrow. Creativeproblem solving allows for students to succeed in ways that arecomfortable and enjoyable to the student. This enhancesdemonstration of the students’ full potential.

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